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Excellence in the Management of Trees

  • Complete Tree Care
  • Stump Removal
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Shrub & Plant Maintenance
  • Large Gardens & Grounds
  • Tree Felling
  • Planning Permission

Years of experience and learned knowledge lie at the root of our ‘excellence in tree care management’.

Our hands-on experience and perennial passion have led to a reputation in Kent and East Sussex as leading experts in residential and commercial tree care.

Your property, our passion

Our team of expert arborists put our passion into practice as we first conduct a detailed evaluation of your estate. Once this appraisal has been completed, we will discuss every available option with you before deciding on the best course of action to deliver the best results.

Pruning trees can be done by anyone with a blade to hand. But we know identifying and assessing the species, condition, age, location and health of a tree before sharpening the axe, can in many cases save the tree and improve its life.

Helping you see the light

Whatever your reasons for calling in a tree surgeon, you can be assured of receiving top level, honest and impartial advice. We’ll fully explain our recommendations before taking any action.

If light is an issue, we can thin out a bush, hedge, shrub or tree to let light into an area of the property which may be lost in darkness. Much like cutting hair, this procedure invariably improves growth and therefore the health of the plant whilst allowing in that much sought-after light.

Experienced in working closely with Local Planning Authorities, we’ll do more than just the tree work. Should your project require permission to remove or prune a tree with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) bestowed upon it, rest assured we’ll take care of any due diligence and paperwork and liaise with the Council on your behalf, keeping you informed throughout the process.

Conservation Areas can also be a hurdle when redesigning your outside space or seeking to reduce or remove a tree. Perfectly comfortable handling the most complex of projects, we’ll ensure a seamless transition from proposal to completion.

Caring for trees, caring for our clients

Our love for horticulture and the preservation of the environment means we think ethically and ecologically when faced with site clearance. Where possible we will always recycle any materials we can. Otherwise we will dispose of any waste at the nearest environmental transfer station.

Our workmanship is second to none. We are quick, efficient, clean and tidy, ensuring your property is left immaculate and ready for you and your family to enjoy.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, honest and approachable. Our free estimates allow you to meet the team personally who will be working with you.

Having built our business largely on recommendation, repeat business and reputation, it’s clear that we build strong, lasting relationships our clients, and a robust knowledge of the trees and plants within their homes.

By coming to Porter’s Tree Care, you’ll have peace of mind that the work is in professional, knowledgeable hands.

Why selecting a knowledgeable arborist is essential

Unless having a wild, overgrown woodland is the look you’re striving for, regular arboriculture will improve the life, look, structure and safety of your garden. It’s important to keep on top of disease which can, in some cases, cripple your trees, result in deadwood and cause unnecessary hazards. Knowing when, and how, to prune and reduce, is critical to the end result. Pruning a tree only to find it costing you double the following year when it’s grown back thicker and faster, is not what anyone wants.

Using a tree surgeon who thoroughly knows the field can protect you from contravening regulations too. If you’re in a Conservation area, or have trees with a TPO, proceeding incorrectly or without the required planning permission, can result in hefty fines.

About Us

Wes Porter has been fascinated by horticulture since he began working for his father’s gardening business as a young seedling. His passion for the subject has afforded him the highest level of qualifications and excellent testimonials.

Now specialising in Arboriculture, Wes Porter not only understands, but respects the science behind the care and maintenance of all native trees and shrubs. This knowledge is passed through his team and onto you, the customer, bringing a fresh, intelligent and caring approach to your tree care.


  • NPTC Qualifications
  • City & Guilds
  • Chainsaw License
  • Certification in all aspects of aerial harness work
  • Tree Felling Licence
  • Tree Preservation Order specialists
  • Trading Standards Approved by Kent CC
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10 reasons why you should choose

  1. Expert arborists
  2. Extensive and detailed knowledge of trees
  3. Experienced in complex and large projects
  4. Specialist qualifications in horticulture and tree care
  5. Friendly, tidy, professional service
  6. Experienced in working within conservation areas
  7. Confident in handling TPOs
  8. We’ll handle the whole planning permission process on your behalf
  9. Honest and accurate advice
  10. Have the required insurance, licences and certifications

What We Do

Do you know your pruning from your pollarding and your crown from your coppice?
As specialist tree surgeons in Kent & East Sussex, we do…

Crown Thinning is a procedure that enables fresh growth throughout the highest part of the tree. Climbing up into the heart of the tree and thinning out any dead branches allows wind to flow through the tree increasing stability and prolongs vitality.
Crown Reduction can extend the life of a tree when it has begun to grow too big for its natural environment. Cutting back the longer branches enables the tree to stabilise from the centre once more and assist healthy twigs and leaves to thrive.
Coppicing is the more extreme and less popular pruning technique where the tree is reduced almost to ground level. History and experience has shown that that keeping the two metre minimum height allows the tree to grow back without interference from pesky animals chomping through the lower leaves and branches.
Crown Lifting improves the life of the lower part of the tree. Allowing access underneath if necessary, it can also provide additional light in those darker areas promoting healthy growth for nearby plants and shrubs.
Formative Pruning keeps your new trees in optimum condition for its journey through life. Keeping lower branches pruned and away from the soil allows nutrients to reach the weaker, outer branches and leaves increasing the lifespan of the entire tree.
Pollarding and Coppicing are ancient arts of tree care. Pollarding removes the majority of branches in order to initiate fresh shoots and growth. Most popular in towns and cities, this procedure keeps the tree above the minimum two metre height requirement and is proven to maintain the life of a tree in challenging, urban environments.
Tree Felling and Removal is needed when occasionally a tree simply cannot be saved. Perhaps it is disease ridden, proving dangerous or is sapping the life out of everything in its vicinity. This is when our team of expert fellers (nice fellers too) will dismantle the tree in accordance to British Standards. Ropes, harnesses and pulleys allow our specialist team to safely access the highest branches and then, without fuss or risk, the tree is carefully taken apart and disposed of.
Hedgecutting/Pruning At Porters Tree Care we pride ourselves on our crisp, sharp hedgecutting skills leaving you with spirit level hedges and perfect round domes. We won’t beat around the bush here, we cut a spectacular hedge and with returning customers you can be assured Porters Tree Care will offer you an efficient, neat and tidy hedgecutting service. Whether you have a frilly farm hedge or a pesky privet we will leave your hedge looking its best and the clear up will be immaculate.

Whether it is an annual visit or a one off, tailor-made hedge cutting maintenance programmes can be put into place. Having experts of access like us, whether it is from our specialised tripod ladders, from a harness or from a cherry picker, we professionally tackle hedges with an arborist eye and attention to detail.

Stump Removal When a tree is removed….what is a left…the stump. At Porters Tree Care we go the extra mile and offer the perfect finished job, using one of the best machines in the business, we can see through the job from the very start to the very finish, leaving you with a fully completed service. From the smallest of trees to the biggest, we can remove the stump from well below ground level leaving you with the peace of mind that you won’t have any trouble in the future leaving you ready to replant or re landscape.
Whether you have a brace of birches, a sprinkling of spruces or an orchard of oaks, we’ll advise you on the best course of action to maintain, prune, thin or remove any species or condition of tree, shrub bush or plant. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Commercial Too…

Porter’s Tree Care offer a commercial tree care service as well as residential. With clients on our books such as letting agents (private and commercial), construction sites, schools, businesses and parish councils, our tailored maintenance programmes cover tree work, site clearance, hedge cutting, carpark tidying and stump grinding. Rest assured we have all the relevant qualifications and insurances to also offer an efficient, reliable commercial tree care service.

What our clients say…

“Topped 2 large conifers and landscaped hedge. Took great care to trim the conifers as they were close to the house. Gave great advice as to future maintenance. I will certainly use Wes and his team again.”

Customer in Tunbridge Wells July 2020

“Trees removed and shaped. Excellent work carried out efficient super tidy and the results were great. Really knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.”

Customer in Tunbridge Wells July 2020

“Tree removal in garden. Friendly and practical advice on which trees should be removed and trimmed. Work carried out to a high standard. Would use again.”

Customer in Tonbridge July 2020

“Tree surgery and reducing perimeter hedges height. Wes is very professional and is passionate about the environment which reflects on the quality of his work when having to attend to tree surgery. He also checks for TPO and applied for the necessary permission with the council on your behalf.”

Customer in Tunbridge Wells July 2020

“I would highly recommend Porter’s Tree Care. Wes was extremely knowledgable about each of my trees and explained well the different alternatives to dealing with them. He was professional but friendly. The work was completed in very good time and I was extremely happy with the results. Wes provided an excellent service all round. 10/10”

Customer in Tonbridge February 2020

“I was very pleased and impressed with Porter’s Tree Care. Wes Porter is extremely knowledgeable regarding how best to prune a tree. His workforce was polite and professional. They left the garden clean, tidy and looking better than I could have possibly hoped for. I highly recommend Porter’s Tree Care. 10/10”

Customer in Sevenoaks January 2020

“Wes was extremely helpful on his visit to assess the work and offered good advice as how the tree should ideally be shaped. His actual work was thorough and it has enhanced the appearance of our garden immeasurably. Will certainly be using his services again.”

Customer in Tonbridge January 2020

Our Work

Below are a few examples of the kind of tree care work we do for our clients in Kent, East Sussex and surrounding areas…

Tree Takedowns

Tree Takedowns

Takedowns It is always a shame when trees have to come down and it can be down to a number of reasons. Pest and disease, overgrown its environment, dead dying or dangerous, light or access issues, previous bad workmanship. Whether it is in a tight spot, over a...

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Hedge Cutting/Hedge Restoration

Hedge Cutting/Hedge Restoration

Hedge Cutting/Hedge Restoration Our client’s beautiful garden was once in need of Hedge TLC and there is hedge cutting and then there is hedge cutting! These Yew (Taxus Baccata) Hedges had gotten away from our client and indeed his gardener! We pride ourselves on the...

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Atlas Cedar Reduction

Atlas Cedar Reduction

Atlas Cedar Reduction This mature Atlas Cedar (Cedrus Atlantica) had become too large for our client’s garden and was causing light issues to the property. We reduced the tree to a more aesthetically pleasing shape and size. The client can now fully enjoy the...

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